Monday, August 11, 2008

ARPU~UP and Interteam establish new branded online presence for DeveloPrint

ARPU~UP and Interteam Content Services successfully completed a joint project for the setting up of a new, branded Internet presence for DeveloPrint, a market leader in the field of TransPromo marketing.

ARPU~UP and Interteam jointly concluded a project aimed at re-branding and building DeveloPrint’s Web image, which consisted of composing professional content aimed specifically at different target audiences. This involved, among other tasks, setting up the company’s Internet site, writing and distributing PR materials and the deployment of Web site optimization techniques.

“DeveloPrint’s new web site demonstrates well the effective results the corporate world can achieve by using the right online marketing strategies,” said Boaz Babai, ARPU~UP’s founder and CEO. “It is clear, that by effectively combining search engine optimization (SEO) methods and quality content, companies can significantly leverage their Web sites, turning them into a key element of marketing strategies. Working with the management teams of DeveloPrint and Interteam proved to be an inspiring and exciting opportunity.”

“By combining ARPU~UP’s know-how and expertise with Interteam’s proven ability to provide quality writing services, we have proved once again that quality content is one of the most underutilized, simple and cost-effective manners of boosting Web sites’ activity,” said Dan Gerstenfeld, CEO of Interteam Content Services. ”By applying the right content to different targeted audiences, we managed to build specific pages that were tailor-made for each of DeveloPrint’s different clients."

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